DiD is recognized as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI).

Donations to DiD may be deducted from income or corporate tax. DiD’s RSIN number is 85401114.

In view of our ANBI status and because we stand for functional transparency, we hereby publish the following information:

DiD was founded in 2014 as an initiative of like-minded residents of Dordrecht and surrounding areas, with a heart for freedom and human rights. Our objective is threefold:

  • to make the human rights movement sustainable and resilient worldwide
  • encourage reflection on freedoms and human rights and what their protection in the Netherlands and Europe is worth to us.
  • inspiring and mutually supporting like-minded initiatives.


The main lines of our policy:

  • Every year, DiD offers at least three human rights defenders who have been under pressure for a longer period of time because of their work a short stay in Dordrecht, for ‘rest, reflection & recharging’.
  • If that fits in with what the guest understands by ‘rest, reflection & recharging’, DiD supports them to share their story in some form with a wide audience, in Dordrecht and beyond.
  • In many cultures, care responsibilities lie more with women than with men. DiD offers guests the opportunity to come together with so-called “dependents,” thus making our support more accessible to women.
  • DiD’s dealings with human rights defenders are guided by principles of informed consent and respect for agency.
  • DiD pursues financial health through a substantial contribution from the community and gradual build-up of modest reserves.


The board team is composed as follows

  • Chairperson: Michelle Gehrig
  • Secretary: Arjan van der Waal
  • Treasurer: Eelco Linnert


None of those involved in DiD are remunerated for this purpose. Expenses can be reimbursed. The reward consists in meeting human rights defenders from all over the world and hearing their stories. And in making a concrete contribution to the promotion and protection of freedoms and human rights.

DiD publishes its annual accounts and annual report every year.