DiD has impact. Across the world…

When DiD protects one human rights defender, we empower a thousand – as our friends at Front Line Defenders say. Human rights defenders courageously stand up for the rights and freedoms of others. Their efforts can lead to national legal or institutional reform, and encourage others to stand up for what is right. If we are successful, our guests can continue their important work with new vigor, benefitting many people. As Lert, our first guest, remarked after a few weeks of DiD, “My ideas start to sparkle again”. He wrote opinion pieces from Dordrecht that made tens of thousands of readers in Thailand think.

… and in Dordrecht

The knife cuts both ways: many of our guests enjoy sharing their stories. In this way, they offer Dordrechters, young and old, a unique perspective on our own freedom and human rights in the Netherlands. And residents of Dordrecht have the power to make a concrete contribution to the protection of global human rights and freedom.