To prospective Friends of DiD

We rely on your generosity and shared values to continue offering “rest, reflection & recharging” to human rights defenders around the world.

Friends of DiD are those who are committed to shared humanity by supporting fellow human beings who act as bulwarks against injustice and oppression. Human rights defenders are doctors, lawyers, journalists, writers, and activists fighting against environmental destruction, authoritarianism, LGBTQI+ discrimination, and religious persecution. They are defenders of universal basic human rights.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

These defenders regularly come under huge pressure in their home countries. This causes them so much stress that they can no longer do their work. Many develop health problems from which they cannot recover in their home country. DiD offers a period of two to three months of rest, recharging & reflection.

In recent years, DiD has been able to offer several people a temporary home in quiet Dordrecht. HRDs have come from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Thailand, Pakistan, and Ukraine, to rest and return strengthened to continue their work.

We are a civic initiative run entirely by volunteers. We are conscious to avoid any costs beyond those directly required by the HRD for their stay. We do not receive any structural financial contributions from governments or other agencies. Yet, we need support to be able to host these guests in Dordrecht.


May we invite you to become a Friend of DiD?


If you wish to contribute financially, please send your support to:

Name: Defenders in Dordrecht
IBAN: NL18 TRIO 0197 9065 83

Please include your email address in the description so we can thank you for your support and give back to you!


We are always in need of more hands, brains, and hearts to help us keep the initiative running smoothly and support our guests when they stay in Dordrecht.


  • Social media volunteer to co-write a periodic newsletter and establish/manage social media for a minimum of 1 hour per month (maximum time investment depends on your availability).
  • Guest support volunteers to join our roster of volunteers who assist our human rights defender guests when they come to stay (for example, by showing them around Dordrecht and helping them access services).


As Friend of DiD

Because the best friendship comes from two sides, we do not only ask for your money. In exchange for your donation, we invite you to join DiD activities during the stay of its guests – exhibitions, documentary screenings, and discussions. We will also invite you to our annual ‘thank you’ event where we tell you about the guests we have received, thanks to your generous support.

If you know more people who would like to become friends with DiD, please let us know.

In gratitude and solidarity,
Arjan van der Waal, Michelle Gehrig and Eelco Linnert