DiD offers human rights defenders a break in Dordrecht – for rest, reflection & recharging

People defending freedom and human rights are under pressure in many countries. Human rights defenders (HRD) face regular intimidation, are labelled “criminals” or “traitors”, and are arrested, tortured, and disappeared. This kind of pressure is physically and psychologically exhausting, leading HRDs to consider stopping their activism or even fleeing their country. A stay in quiet Dordrecht offers a solution: to rest, adjust tactics and strategy, and recharge their batteries. Here, our guests prepare themselves to return and continue their fight for freedom and human rights.

Our support

DiD is a civic initiative run entirely by volunteers, fuelled by solidarity and appreciation for human rights and freedom. We offer a quiet sanctuary, a modest contribution to living expenses, care where needed, a social network, and the opportunity to enhance expertise or skills. An international network usually plays an important role in the work of human rights and the protection and support of human rights defenders. For this reason, DiD puts its guests in touch with potential partners in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Even after returning, DiD keeps in touch with former guests.

DiD contributes to the community!

In addition, we organize exhibitions, film screenings, or discussion evenings for Dordrecht audiences.


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