Who is welcome?

Any human rights defender who would benefit from a short period of “rest, reflection & recharging” is welcome. These are courageous people who stand up against human rights violations individually or in organized groups.

We offer a stay of 2 to 3 months. Our initiative is not suitable for situations where the human rights defender has to leave her or his country for a longer time.

DiD welcomes two to four guests each year, with family members if necessary:

  • 2016: a defender of environmental law and the right to livelihood from Thailand
  • 2017: women’s rights advocates from Chechnya and Afghanistan, both with their small children
  • 2018: a freedom of expression advocate from Eritrea, a war crimes documentalist and social rights defender from Ukraine, a filmmaker from Cameroon
  • 2019: a war photographer and defender of press freedom from Afghanistan
  • 2020: two defenders of women’s rights from Ukraine with their children, and a defender of LGBT+ rights from Lebanon
  • 2021: a defender of freedom of religion from Pakistan, a former guest from Afghanistan and an advocate of freedom of expression from Algeria.
  • 2022: a human rights defender from East Asia
  • 2023: a journalist from Zimbabwe and a defender of social and political rights from Thailand


Contact us if you are a human rights defender in need of rest, reflection & recharging to continue your work.